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Jamaican Blue Mountain® specialty coffee supplier in Kent. We provide Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee of the highest quality for customers in the UK and beyond. Grown in optimal conditions and authenticated by the Jamaica Agriculture Commodities Regulatory Authorities-(JACRA), This is an extremely rare product, produced on a family farm in the Penlyne Castle, St. Thomas in the Blue Mountain region. This district has produced first-class coffee beans for over 60 years. Every bean must conform with a very strict criteria prior to distribution. We are an extremely hands-on company, ensuring that the same high standards are met from the moment our coffee beans leave the trees to when it arrives at your door.

Based in Bromley, London.  Our company is  growing from strength to strength and is committed to supplying customers with a exquisite product, so if you are looking for specialty coffee supplier in Kent, get in contact with MF Products UK.

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The coffee is grown in Blue Mountains, situated about 30 miles north of Kingston, Jamaica, It is the highest point in Jamaica. It's cool, misty climate at over 5,000ft above sea level is favourable to the moist soil and fertile texture, thereby producing a coffee bean that has a richer, more concentrated flavour.



The Process



The coffee farmers have grown coffee beans in the same traditional way for decades, generation to generation have learned from the older farmers the unique formula that is used to always producing an exceptional coffee bean.

Each step has an intimate connection from planting of the first seed to the reaping and hand picking of selected #1 beans.




Ahead of importing the coffee beans from Jamaica, the produce must undergo a series of rigorous checks mandated by the Jamaica Agriculture Commodities Regulatory Authority -(JACRA). Each batch is given a certificate in order to prove its status as authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee before heading to the UK.




Beans are only roasted to a light to medium colour, ensuring that they retain the same authentic flavour of our luxury coffee.




All orders for coffee beans made before 5pm are roasted, packaged and shipped out in 24 hours hours prior to purchase. We take special care to make sure that all orders go out on the following day as a means of maintaining the quality of the product.






Why Choose MF Products UK? 


Instead of using major corporations, our specialty coffee suppliers in Kent believe that going to the source, directly purchasing from Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee farmers, has the dual advantage of producing a superior product and supporting the economy of the local community.


While coffee beans from South America and Africa can be easily found in supermarkets, Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee is an extremely rare phenomenon, produced by a select group of farmers who have a multi-generational skills and knowledge of both the land and the correct growing process.


There is nothing quite like the taste of Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee. The perfect growing conditions and the extreme care given to the beans throughout the process combine to produce a taste that is uniquely rich, smooth and fulfilling. You will have never tasted coffee like this!

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If you are looking for specialty coffee suppliers in Kent who care deeply about going directly to the source to bring customers coffee that warms the soul, take a look at MF Products UK's online store.

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