MF Jerk seasoning can be used on practically every type of meat. Chicken, red meat and even fish. It is the accumulation...

This recipe is a great appetizer for; guests at a dinner party or even a salad topping after a hard day at the gym and, with the right size, will fill you right up. Cooking these s...  more  

Irish Moss has been known as a love potion for ages due to its ability to add more potency to the male ingredient for ba...

This delightful drink made with milk, nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla. It is super tasty, vegan, and is even gluten-free! Irish Moss has many adaptations however it's originally ofte...  more  

The best banana bread recipe

Let’s look at the history of banana bread, where did it actually come from? It wasn’t until the 1900s that bananas were available in the united states as a result of the antithetic...  more  

How to make the MF Moringa Protein shake.

We have a great tasting and nutritional shake that we believe will transform your recovery shakes after the gym to a completely different level.   more  

Finger licking Cast Iron Apple Nutmeg Coffee Cake

Cast iron apple nutmeg coffee cake the perfect dessert for you and the family, we do it the MF Product way!  more  

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