So, you want to know if you should have your coffee creamy and smooth or strong and black? Well, both options are excellent variations to have your coffee especially if the coffee you’re drinking is MF Coffee, cultivated in the Jamaican Blue Mountains. But back to the question, which is better to drink? This is what you’re here to find out.

If you’re one to count the calories and you simply despise anything that will jeopardise that weight-loss plan you’ve been trying to stick to for years – yes, I said “trying” and I said “years”, we both know you’ve given up on the downlow. Anyways, if you are that constant calorie counter then, regularly brewed coffee without milk would be the better option. Did you know that black brewed coffee has under 10 calories in a 12 oz serving  with basically zero fat. Obviously, the number of potential calories a milk-brewed cup of coffee could possess depends on the type of milk you use, at MF Coffee, for a low-fat alternative we would suggest almond milk for that nutty flavour or maybe even soya milk.

Now, when talking about coffee caffeine always has a way of sneaking into the discussion and no surprise its about to sneak into this one. For those people concerned with their caffeine consumption, a cup of MF Coffee brewed black for example will contain a higher level of caffeine  simply due to the fact that with black coffee you are consuming a higher volume of liquid that is isn’t tampered with extra substances. Comparably, with more milk-based coffee drinks such as lattes the coffee content is less meaning the caffeine content is less as more volume is need for the milk to infuse with the coffee.

To conclude, the question “What’s healthier: coffee with milk or without milk” is quite clearly subjective however what we really should be doing is appreciating the rich and tantalising taste that MF Coffee provides in every, single, pack.