100% Organic Allspice/Pimento Powder


Our pimento powder produced by MF products is a beautiful Jamaican seasoning that adds flavour and a bit of spice to your meal.

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The taste of MF Products and distributions pimento line will truly leave you entranced. What makes pimento so divine is its accretion of flavours. Its traditionally adopted the name allspices due to the accumulation of the aroma and flavours of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and pepper. Pimento has a warm, flavour some taste to it that can be added to any dish to spice it up. Its a main ingredient in Jamaica jerk seasoning and its not surprising. Pimento adds so many dimensions to your food when its added which is what makes it so incredible.

The pimento tree is indigenous to the Caribbean Islands. It was found growing in Jamaica by early Spanish explorers who were quite impressed with its tantalising taste and aroma of the berries and the leaves. Pimento trees were then later discovered in Cuba and were presumed to have been taken there by migrant birds who had eaten the berries. They have also been found in Mexico, but it is Jamaica that has the longest history, having been in continuous production since the tree was identified in about the year 1509. The name Pimento originated from the Spanish word "pimienta" which meant peppercorn. To most English-speaking people the tree is called "pimento" and the berries "allspice". The name allspice originated from the widespread notion that the pimento berry contains the characteristic flavour and aroma of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and pepper, all combined in one spice.

Pimento contains health benefiting essential oils such as eugenol, which gives off a pleasant, sweet, and particularly aromatic fragrance to this spice. It also contains several other compounds. At the processing units, these essential oils are obtained through a distillation process using this spice corn. The outer coat of the allspice berries is believed to have the greatest concentration of spice oil in comparison to any other part of the spice. The pimento corns can be stored at room temperature for many months and milled as and when required. 

Lastly, MF Pimento has excellent culinary benefits. This is especially used by Jamaicans to add a finishing touch to their dishes or to marinate their meat and fish. For example, many crush the pimento and make it into a paste which is then smeared across jerk chicken to allow the flavour to infuse. Pimento is also used with rice and peas and fish to add a different dimension to the dish when cooking.

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