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We provide first-class natural Jamaican imports based in Kent to customers in the UK and beyond. Grown in optimal conditions and authenticated by independent entities, our Jamaican imports are of an exceptional standard and possess a range of natural health benefits. The harvesters we work with across all 14 Parishes belong to families that have produced coffee beans, herbs, wellbeing tea, sea moss and spices for over 50 years. Every product must conform to our strict criteria before distribution. We are an extremely hands-on company, ensuring that the same high standards are met from the moment our products are collected to when it arrives at your door.

Based in Bromley, London, our company is committed to supplying customers with a sensational product, along with providing specific large quantities of our products to companies on a wholesale basis. So, if you are looking for Jamaican imports based in Kent, get in contact with MF Products.

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The Process




Our network of family farmers across the 14 Parishes have grown coffee beans, spices and many other products in the same traditional way for decades. Generation to generation has learned from the older farmers the unique formula uses to always producing an exceptional final product.

The best of our products are placed at the top of the pile to dry faster in the sun ahead of undergoing another rigorous separation process to single out the very finest of the batch.





Ahead of importing our range of natural products from Jamaica, the produce must undergo a series of rigorous checks mandated by independent entities. Each batch is given a certificate to prove its status as an authentic Jamaican product grown by local farmers before heading to the UK.




All orders for Jamaican imports based in Kent made before 5 pm are prepared, specially packaged, and shipped out inside 24 hours. We take special care to make sure that all orders go out on the following day as a means of maintaining the optimal quality of the product. Making sure that customers receive the best possible taste is our highest priority.



 At MF Products, every step of the process is intimately connected and rigorously overseen by our dedicated team, from planting the first seed to the reaping and handpicking of the best products.






Along with supplying Jamaican imports based in Kent to customers in the UK and worldwide, we also offer our products to companies requiring certain quantities of coffee beans, wellbeing teas, spices and herbs. Our large storage capacity and dedication towards speedy distribution allow us to ship large quantities whilst maintaining the absolute quality of the product.







Why Choose MF Products UK? 


Instead of using major corporations, MF Products believes that going to the source of products like spices and wellbeing tea, directly purchasing from Jamaican farmers, has the dual advantage of producing a superior product and supporting the economy of the local community.


While coffee beans and spices from places like South America, Europe and Africa can be found quite easily in supermarkets, natural Jamaican imports based in Kent serve as an extremely rare phenomenon, produced by a select group of farmers who have a multi-generational skill and knowledge of both the land and the correct growing process.


There is nothing quite like the taste of our products. The perfect growing conditions of Jamaica’s tropical climate and the extreme care taken throughout the process combine to produce a uniquely fulfilling taste, along with having a wide range of health benefits such as improving energy and providing high levels of nutrients and minerals.

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If you are looking for Jamaican imports based in Kent provided by people who care deeply about going directly to the source to bring quality products, take a look at MF Products’ online store.

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