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9 benefits of purchasing a pack of MF Products 100% Jamaican Sea Moss.


1) It has 92 minerals:

What’s amazing about this is that there are 102 trace minerals in our body, and sea moss has 92 of them that’s over 90% of the minerals you need in ONE food. What’s even better is the fact that because its organic it’s more assimilated with the body and therefore digests easier.

2) Promotes a healthy thyroid:

The thyroid is very important in regard to hormone management. Particularly the hormones Thyroxine and Triiodothyronine. A healthy thyroid contributes to the effective function of the digestive system, heart, cholesterol levels, brain, mood, bones, muscles, reproductive organs, nervous system, and metabolism.

3) Supports a heathy heart:

Due to MF Products’ sea moss being a reliable source of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids it has the ability to- Boost the blood flow and circulation which regulates blood pressure.

Build stronger blood vessels and greatly slowing their deterioration.

Increase oxygen saturation in the blood which is critical for a healthy body all around.

Reduce the build-up of bad cholesterol that results in the blood vessels being clogged with flow choking fatty linings.


4) Supports a healthy immune system:

The immune system requires more than just vitamins and minerals. Sea moss possesses probiotic properties such as Antiviral, Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, Anti-inflammatory, Anticoagulant, and Probiotic. All of these are amazing for gut health which aids in a healthy immune system.

 Historically sea moss has been used to treat sore throats, chest coughs, tuberculosis, and pneumonia.

5) Promotes good digestion:

Sea moss improves the digestion system by lining the intestines with probiotics which almost makes everything run through your body smoother. You tend to feel like you can go toilet at any time because of how easily excrement is able to slither through.

 Sea moss has great anti-flamatory properties for those with a leaky gut, gastritis, ulcers, indigestion, and constipation.

6) Improves metabolism:

The metabolism converts food into energy and distributes the nutrients to the cells. The cells then use the nutrients as building blocks. This allows efficient distribution of vitamins and minerals to the cells.

7) Helps maintain a healthy weight:

Sea moss is an appetite suppressant as it makes you feel much fuller for longer this mainly down to its high mineral count. This will lead to you not eating as much and therefore a lower calorie intake.

8) Is a great post workout recovery tonic:

Sea moss is made up of collagen proteins which strengthen and repairs the connective tissues. The anti-inflammatory properties of sea moss help the body recover quickly after a workout.

9) Improves libido:

Zinc is one of the minerals recommended for a healthy reproductive system and is obviously found in sea moss. It helps promote a healthy libido and stimulation. Sea moss improves blood circulation through the body which improves the overall stamina.

How to prepare your sea-moss:

Wash sea-moss thoroughly with warm running water, then leave to soak in a container with water for 24 hours.






We put the quality of the product and customer satisfaction above everything else. So, if you are looking for Jamaican imports based in Kent, look no further than MF Products.

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