Mountain Forest Coffee Mug


There is nothing like a hot cup of Mf coffee in your favourite MF mug!

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Here’s your chance to drink the best coffee in the world - in style. With the MF Products mug, you can enjoy several mouth-watering cups of coffee whilst still representing the MF movement. With a simple yet elegant design, the mug's colour will fit your home's interior perfectly. It has a comforting aesthetic, with a reassuringly robust feel in the hand.

  • 350 ML mug to give you plenty of time to savour every sip of MF Coffee.
  • Made out of stoneware to allow safe dishwasher and microwave use.
  • White with the MF Products UK logo pressed at the forefront of the mug.
  • With a weight of 135g, this cup certainly possesses a great deal of sturdiness whilst maintaining a certain element of lightness.
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