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Cerassee tea is rich in antioxidants, vitamin A and c which can help with wellbeing and give the body some of the nutriments it needs

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Jamaican Cerasee:

Loved in Jamaica as well as the entire Caribbean, Jamaican Cerasee is creating a buzz worldwide with its increasing popularity. Jamaican Cerasee is a popular herb traditionally consumed as tea. Cultivated in the fertile lands of Jamaica, this therapeutic herb offers several health benefits. Its beneficial health properties are unparalleled when compared to many contemporary and well-known herbal teas. MF Products UK brings to you the finest and freshest quality Cerasee leaves straight from the heart of Jamaica right to your door.

How To Make A Perfect Cup Of Jamaican Cerasee Tea

You will need some fresh Cerasee leaves, better if dry, about half a measurement of your palm. About a cup of milk or three tablespoons of condensed milk would do, though milk is optional. One and a half or two tablespoons of brown or white sugar, depending on your preference for sweetness. A little bit of ginger would enhance the flavour and increase its health benefits. Since ginger also has many medicinal properties. Then, about two full cups of hot water. If you’re consuming without milk, then the amount of water would be double. 

However, Jamaican Cerasee tea has a potent taste. So, in case you are preparing Cerasee tea without milk, then you can add a spoonful of honey. Honey would instantaneously sweeten the flavour without taking away its good health properties. In fact, honey, as we all know, is nutritious and full of antioxidants along with a ton of other health benefits.

Health benefits

We at MF Products UK are health conscious. Our Jamaican Cerasee has some amazing medicinal properties which will help with a numerous health issues, such as lowering blood sugar and blood pressure.

In addition, Our Jamaican Cerasee helps the body to maintain a healthy Cholesterol level due to its high level of Iron and Phosphorus. Due to its detoxifying properties, people also consume Cerasee to eradicate their bodily toxins. Altogether, it helps in relieving constipation and is good for the skin. It helps women to reduce menstrual cramps that occur during each cycle.

Lastly, Cerasee tea can easily kill intestinal worms and parasites too.

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