Medina Tea Bag


Our Medina tea bags are packed with many health benefits. Medina Tea will give you the kick start in and out of the bedroom, helping to increase stamina. Its is also used to combat flu and joint pain.

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The Health Benefits Of Jamaica Medina


• Jamaican Medina is an Aphrodisiac, which means it can increase sexual desires, particularly among males.

• It helps to increase joint and muscular strengths.

• Medina helps to improve digestion. Thus, your body’s ability to convert food into valuable nutrients also increases. In fact, Medina also helps reduce gastric problems in your body.

• Medina is rich in iron, so it helps to fight low blood count and anaemia.

• It also helps combat cold and cough, fever, joint pain, back pain, and perennial fatigue.

• Many people found relief from hernia-related problems after using Medina.

• Consumption of Medina acts as a blood cleanser. It can help reduce skin problems and arthritis pain.

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