Purple Sea Moss Powder


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Jamaican Purple Sea Moss

Health Benefits

  • Jamaican Purple Sea Moss is rich in micronutrients, which helps to boost immunity.
  • The presence of healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids helps lower triglycerides, thus improving cardiovascular health. 
  • The rich content of sulfur in sea moss acts as a healing agent for the skin.
  • Acts as a prebiotic that helps increase beneficial bacteria in our gut. 
  • Used to treat the common cold because of its high presence of antioxidants and carrageenan. 
  • Rich in protein and all the essential amino acids make it a good plant-based protein source. 
  • The bioactive compounds present in it can control blood pressure and thus improving heart health. 
  • Improves thyroid function, allergies, mood, and energy levels

Product Description 

Purple sea moss, the purple wonder that grows underwater, is a type of seaweed you can find in the Caribbean Sea. MF Products offers this vibrant purple seaweed, a centuries-old fortified superfood used to treat various diseases and disorders. Emerging under the blue oceanic paradise of the Jamaican coastal sea beds, purple sea moss is a multi-functional natural substance with a plethora of health and nutrient benefits. Thus, MF Products brings you the best quality and fresh variety of purple sea moss right from the Jamaican Caribbean heart. So, step forward towards a disease-free lifestyle with this wonder of nature from the house of MF Products.

Jamaican Purple Sea Moss – What’s Great About This Vibrant Aquatic Moss

Purple sea moss is a popular seaweed that exists with gazillion health and therapeutic benefits. Often known as Irish moss, this vibrant purple seaweed is a life-enhancing substance and thus, recorded constant mentions in traditional Jamaican healthcare practices.

With its multipurpose uses, purple sea moss thrives as an essential natural element that roots its origin in Jamaican wetlands. Here we'll discuss what is so great about this vibrant aquatic moss that MF Products brings to you. Read on.


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