Where can I find Guinea Hen Weed Leaves?

Highly recommended by Jamaican herbalists

This leafy plant grows naturally throughout Central America and the Caribbean, and has a similar fragrance to wild onion. In the later part of the year the forests of Jamaica become rich with the aromatic smell of this distinctive plant, and like many indigenous plants it has numerous health benefits and naturally occurring compounds that are popularly used in Jamaican herbal medicine.

Great as a herbal tea and a remedy

The leaves can be used to make tea, which contributes to its reputation as a remedy for runny noses, sinus inflammations, and other cold symptoms. Jamaican herbalists have long known of the herb's ant-inflammatory properties, which they have used for many complaints, including arthritis, digestive problems, and for help with pain relief. Recent studies have borne out these claims, and given credibility to the herbal benefits of this remarkable shrub.

A legendary folk remedy

Guinea Hen Weed is used by herbalists for a range of other properties, which although unproven have given claimed benefits for many conditions and ailments. It is also used as an antioxidant, to aid memory and mental acuity, and as an anti-microbial, to help prevent infection. Many people claim the herb is good for the nervous system, and as a means of reducing blood sugar levels too, and it has been called a ‘miracle plant' by some practitioners.

A wide range of uses

Guinea hen weed herb has been used in Central America, Africa, Brazil, and the Caribbean for centuries as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-microbial, and even as an anti-convulsion remedy. These properties have been shown to be especially helpful in aiding people with asthma, although most studies are tentative in their conclusions. It is always recommended to consult a medical professional before administering this as a remedy, and not to use it as a substitute for clinically-trialled medicine.

Anamu Tea

You can use Guinea Hen Weed to brew Anamu. By using a strainer in the same manner as loose tea, you can create a simulating beverage in the strength you desire. The tea is distinctively aromatic, and is one of the traditional tastes that many Jamaican ex-patriots associate with being on the island.

Where can I find Guinea Hen Weed Leaves?

We have a reliable supplier in rural Jamaica who has been growing and drying these leaves for generations, and now supplies us in bulk. You can purchase Guinea Hen Weed Leaves directly from MF Products UK here.