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Are you looking for Jamaican imports based in Kent? If so, get in touch with MF Products. We are an extremely hardworking company based in Bromley dedicated to supplying superb natural Jamaican products – such as wellbeing tea, pimento, sea moss, coffee beans, and much more – to customers in London, the UK, and worldwide.

Our products are grown in a unique environment that offers an ideal balance of oxygen levels, rainfall and sunshine temperature to create a truly special taste. We take an extremely hands-on approach to every step of the process, liaising closely with our network of family farmers across all 14 Parishes, many of whom have worked the land for 60 years.

If you are interested in Jamaican imports based in Kent and London, look no further than MF Products, an experienced company based in Bromley selling natural Jamaican goods to customers in the UK and beyond as well as on a wholesale basis to companies all over the world.


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All products undergo rigorous checks during the growing and harvesting process ahead of being packed into airtight, eco-friendly containers. Orders made before 5 pm are processed, packaged and shipped the next day. Take a look at our online store and receive Jamaican imports based in Kent in no time at all.

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We put the quality of the product and customer satisfaction above everything else. So, if you are looking for Jamaican imports based in Kent, look no further than MF Products.

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