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Are you looking for a specialty coffee supplier in Kent? If so, get in touch with MF Products UK. We are an extremely hardworking company based in Bromley dedicated to supplying superb Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee to customers in London, the UK, and worldwide. Our coffee beans are grown in a unique environment that offers an ideal balance of oxygen levels, rainfall and sunshine temperature. The final product is a rich, smooth, deeply tasty drink. We take an extremely hands-on approach to every step of the process, liaising closely with our farmers in Jamaica, who have grown first-class luxury coffee for 60 years. All coffee beans are authenticated by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica, so you can be sure that you are receiving an impeccable and highly sought-after product.

If you are interested in specialty coffee suppliers in Kent and London, why not get in contact with MF Products UK, an experienced company based in Bromley selling imported coffee to customers in the UK and beyond.


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Along with serving as a specialty coffee supplier in Kent, MF Coffee also provides a bespoke wholesale service based on the requirements of other coffee companies. We have the capacity for storing a large amount of green, pre-roasted coffee beans, so if you are a roasting company in need of a particular unit of beans, please get in contact with us for further information.






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All coffee beans undergo rigorous checks both before and after the roasting process ahead of being packed into airtight, eco-friendly containers. Orders made before 5pm are processed, roasted, packaged and shipped the next day. Take a look at our online store and receive your Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee in no time at all.

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