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Specialty Coffee Suppliers in Kent

Why Choose MF Products UK?

If you are looking for specialty coffee suppliers in Kent who produce first-class Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee, take a look at MF Products UK's online store. Our coffee beans are grown at over 5000ft in an extremely fertile area, producing a truly unique product that is hallmarked by a rich, nourishing flavor. We believe in going directly to the source when it comes to finding the best quality coffee, which is why we collaborated with Jamaican Blue Mountain farmers who have specialized in growing Arabica beans for six decades. MF Coffee demands extremely high standards throughout the entire process, with all beans going through a process of authentication by a government body prior to distribution.

We are based in Bromley, London, and distribute to the UK and worldwide, so why not get in touch with our specialty coffee suppliers in Kent for a product that tastes truly different.



Specialty Coffee Suppliers In Kent Why Choose Us?

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 Why Our Coffee Is Different...

The Blue Mountains serve as the highest peak in Jamaica and provide an ideal climate for growing high-quality coffee. A cool, misty climate with high level of rainfall precipitates soil that is incredibly moist and fertile. The reduced oxygen at an altitude of over 5,000ft produces a richer coffee bean, with plants growing slower than normal and therefore having a more concentrated flavor.


Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee is one of the most sought-after coffees in the world – 80% of exports go to Japan – and has a globally protected certification mark. This means that all coffee beans must be monitored and certified by JACRA formerly the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica, who provide a series of quality checks, to confirm authenticity ahead of being shipped abroad.


 Specialty Coffee Suppliers In Kent Benefits of Buying MF Products UK


 Benefits of Buying MF Products UK...

By investing that little more, you will not just receive a stunningly high quality coffee that is extremely rare. Purchasing MF Products UK also means directly supporting the families that has, for over 60 years, made their living through growing sensational coffee beans.

We believe in buying straight from the source, as opposed to employing third parties. Through buying produce from the area in a way that aligns with fair trade regulations, you will receive a better product along with helping both the farmer, and his families and the wider Blue Mountain community.



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The Process




The cultivation process for coffee beans requires patience and attention to detail. Our family farmers have grown coffee beans in the same traditional ways for decades. Generation to generations has learn the best use practice from the older farmers to produce the best tasting coffee in the world.

Farmers has selected special seeds and places then in individual pots to germinate where special attention is given and there the best seedlings are selected and then transplant to the ground. Where there are carefully planted and nurtured. It will take 2-3 years for minimum to moderate bearing and 4-5 years until the coffee plant reaches maturity.

When it’s reaping season, the cherry ripe beans are handpicked from coffee trees, and the berries are then placed in water. In the water the lighter berries float to the top and the heavier berries sink to the bottom, this process separate the healthier berries from defected ones. The sunken berries are then taken to the pulpier machine which removes the cherry ripe skin from the seeds; afterwards it is then placed in a tank where it is washed to remove the syrup, a substance which is on the seeds. Then this substance is totally removed. The wet seeds (parchment) are then placed on mesh trays for natural drying. The drying process can take up to 5 days. Depending on the humidity of the sun with special attention given for each day to ensure individual beans are dried evenly and balanced .

The dried beans are then bagged and taken to the store house where it remains under specific conditions until it is ready to hull.

Hulling is where the husk or the outer shell of the seeds is removed. After the hulling, the beans are now called green beans, and are polished to remove a silver layer on the outer part of the beans. The beans are then handpicked and sorted out to a specification to identify defected beans. They are graded according to size grade 1, 2, 3 and Pea Berry. Beans are then loaded into wooden barrels and then taken to JACRA formerly coffee board for final inspection and then labeled with 100 percent Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee on wooden barrel.






The Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica mandates a series of very rigorous checks ahead of providing a certificate that confirms the imported coffee can be sold as official Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee. Prior to these checks, all beans are sifted through carefully to ensure that only the best beans are selected. We use a special, slightly smaller barrel in which to transport the coffee beans to our roasting factory in UK, ensuring that their quality is not compromised in any way.

Prior to exporting, our coffee beans are also assessed and signed off by the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA).






All green coffee beans are stored in dry, cool conditions in our UK factory. The roasting process is geared towards producing a light to medium profile, which helps to retain the natural flavor of our premium coffee.

We use high-tech roasting equipment, employing a differently sized roasting machine for small and large orders. Our roasting team has been in the business for many years and pay extremely close attention to every last detail.






As specialty coffee suppliers in Kent, quality control is our number one priority, and this notion is reflected in our shipping process.

If you make an order before 5pm we will roast, package and then ship to your location by the following day, guaranteeing that no freshness or potency is lost during the process of getting our Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee® from Belfast to wherever you are in the UK or beyond.



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Specialty Coffee Suppliers in Kent Our Farmer

 Our Farmer

Stewart belongs to the third generation of coffee farmers from his family and is now taking the business a step further through taking an active role in the production. He possesses multi-generational knowledge of the growing process and has a special relationship with the land. The farm incorporates six plots, some in the shaded forest and some at a higher altitude, with each different area producing a different taste.

 Specialty Coffee Suppliers In Kent Our Charity

Our Charity

Education is not free in Jamaica, many pupils struggle when it comes to affording the necessary equipment for proper learning. That is why we have partnered with the Galilee Basic School, situated on Epping Farm in the same Penlyne District Blue Mountain region, in order to help more children receive a proper education – something that is only possible when there is an adequate provision of textbooks, clothing and stationary equipment. We also provide a number of fun activities for the pupils.




To find out more about our charity work or to buy first-class coffee beans from specialty coffee suppliers in Kent, get in contact with MF Products UK.

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