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MF Products specialises in supplying Jamaican imports based in Kent to both customers and companies on a wholesale basis. Our close relationship with a network of family farmers across all 14 Parishes allows us to cut out the middleman and ensure that all products are of the freshest possible quality when they arrive at your door. There is something special about the taste of jerk seasoning, spices, herbs and sea moss that comes directly from Jamaica. Its climate – plenty of sunlight and moisture along with optimal air pressure – creates the ideal growing conditions for these products, all of which must be verified by independent bodies and meet our strict criteria before distribution.

To purchase our wide range of high-quality Jamaican imports based in Kent, get in touch with MF Products, a company based in Bromley, London dedicated to putting the customer first.


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Jerk Seasoning

Our farmers have grown the ingredients required in a high-quality jerk seasoning blend – allspice, scotch bonnets, thyme, cloves – for many years. Such experience allows them to combine these spices in a way that creates the perfect balance and a genuinely unique, wholly Jamaican, truly organic spice blend. The jerk seasoning provided by MF Products packs an incredible flavour – a mixture of spicy and sweet – and serves as the ideal seasoning for chicken, pork, vegetables, and much more.

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Moringa Tea

Our Moringa tea possesses a smooth and refreshing taste that will tantalise you as it contains subtle yet beneficial nutrients. All tea leaves are carefully harvested at the perfect moment and left out to dry ahead of being processed into a fine powder. You will be astonished at how wellbeing tea notably improves your energy and overall physical wellbeing.

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Soursop Tea

Our Soursop tea evokes a healthy sensation due to it’s earthy and pleasant flavour and ability to boost various aspects of our body. All tea leaves are carefully harvested at the perfect moment and left out to dry ahead of being processed into a fine powder. You will be astonished at how wellbeing tea notably improves your energy and overall physical wellbeing.

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Sea Moss

Our best-selling product, sea moss improves your health in so many ways. The moss acquires its nutrients from rocks in the sea and contains 92 of the 102 natural minerals used by the body daily, thereby serving as a powerful way of regaining energy and wellbeing. Sea moss is prepared by a process of drying, washing, soaking, and boiling, and can be used for all kinds of purposes. You can use sea moss to make soap, lotion, smoothies, lemonade, or as part of a vegetable dish.

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Sometimes known as drumstick tree, moringa grows naturally all over Jamaica, with our family farmers drying them in the sun ahead of refining the leaves into a fine powder.

You can sprinkle our moringa over salads, soups and vegetable dishes, blend it into smoothies, stir it into juices, or bake it into cakes. Every part of the plant contains subtle nutrients that considerably contribute to improving health, such as reducing inflammation.

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Also known as Graviola, soursop is grown across Jamaica and used in several different ways. Soursop is a prickly green fruit with a creamy texture and a strong flavour reminiscent of pineapple. While its fruit can be eaten raw, we dry the soursop leaves in our special drying house in Jamaica and turn it into a product form that can be added to smoothies and teas or deployed to make fruit juices. Drinking soursop boosts your antioxidants and treats cold or flu symptoms. This is just one of our many Jamaican imports based in Kent that notably improves your inner wellbeing.

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Pimento (Allspice)

The pimento or allspice plant is native to Jamaica and underpins much of the country’s cuisine – serving as the main component of jerk seasoning, for example. It is a highly aromatic spice whose flavour suggests a combination of nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves. The allspice plant is picked before being fully ripe and dried in the sun, during which its berries turn from green to reddish-brown. Along with being used for jerk seasoning, allspice is often added to stews and curries, or incorporated into the pickling and sausage preparation process.

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Grounded nutmeg is an integral cooking item, found in kitchens everywhere, and the nutmeg we source from our long-standing relationship with farmers across Jamaica is of the highest quality. The fruit is opened and discarded, with the nutmeg – a pecan-sized nut – taken out and ground into a fine powder that creates a beautiful aromatic flavour. It has myriad health benefits, from stimulating the cardiovascular system to reducing joint pain to calming an upset stomach, and can be used to flavour cakes, puddings, custards, as well as many savoury dishes.

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MF Products specialises in offering a broad range of Jamaican imports based in Kent. So, whether you need nutmeg, soursop, sea moss or jerk seasoning, rest assured we have it available in our online store.

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