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Welcome to MF Products, a company specialising in providing a series of high-quality authentic Jamaican imported products to customers in the UK and beyond.

We go directly to the source when it comes to acquiring products like coffee beans, wellbeing tea, spices and sea moss, working closely with farming families across the 14 Parishes who have refined their craft for over half a century. Cultivated in tropical climates and augmented by a moist and fertile soil, our natural products possess a level of richness and nutritional value that most people have never experienced before.

MF Products is based in Bromley, London, and distributes to the UK and around the world, so if you are looking for Jamaican imports, check out our online store.

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Our Background in Supplying Jamaican Imported Goods and Products

Our project to supply Jamaican imports started over a decade ago during a trip to the Blue Mountains, where we met Stewart, our main farmer. After learning about Stewart's growing process and the incredible farming heritage of his family, we decided to form a partnership and export his product all around the globe.

We take great care to have a hands-on, boots-on-the-ground approach to every aspect of the process, from visiting the farm in Jamaica to personally supervising the distribution service here in the UK. This approach ensures that standards are maintained at each step. Our business started out focusing solely on coffee, but we have since grown and expanded to sell a range of Jamaican imports, from tea to moringa to sea moss.




Maintaining Quality

All products produced must be monitored and assessed by independent bodies that define quality standards and provide a certificate of authentication to our Jamaican imports based in Kent. As a product with a protected certification mark, you can rest assured that you are consistently receiving the products at their optimal level of freshness and quality.

The process of assessing products like coffee, wellbeing tea or spices is determined by a variety of metrics such as water content, quality and size of the bean/leaves, along with the taste and aroma. Other variables such as the growing process and the cultivation climate are also taken into account.


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Looking to buy imported Jamaican products wholesale?

Along with selling Jamaican imports, MF Products also provides a bespoke wholesale service based on the requirements of other companies that sell coffee, wellbeing tea, spices, and other Jamaican goods. We have the capacity for storing a large amount of stock, so if you are a roasting company in need of a particular shipment, please get in contact with us for further information.





Why Choose MF Products UK?

Support Local Farmers

Production always starts with the farmers, who work hard all year round to maintain their trees and land to produce quality goods adored by locals and westerners alike. Too often, however, they are undercut by larger corporations, or even forgotten about entirely in favour of larger commercial farms. At MF Products, we cut out the middle-man, going directly to traditional, established farms across the 14 Parishes to source from farmers like Stewart and his family, ensuring that they retain a fundamental stake in the business.

Unique Jamaican Products

Jamaica, and particularly the Blue Mountains area, has a unique climate that possesses the ideal blend of rainfall, temperature and oxygen levels. These conditions combine to create coffee beans, tea leaves and herbs that taste different to anything you'd get in a regular supermarket. The level of sunlight and moisture in Jamaica culminates in a kind of freshness and nutrition that simply cannot be found anywhere else.

Astonishing Flavour

People often purchase our products because of their considerable health benefits – superfood like soursop and moringa, for example, contain important vitamins and improve your energy – but the crucial aspect to any consumable is always taste. And our highly fresh Jamaican imports based in Kent pack a special flavour that you will love. The carefully managed farm to door process is geared towards ensuring that the initial taste of something, when picked in Jamaica, is the same as when you consume it in your home.


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MF Products supplies a high standard of Jamaican imports, so if you are looking for top-quality coffee, seasoning,
herbs, spices, organic superfoods and wellbeing tea, check out our online store.

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