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Specialty Coffee Suppliers In Kent

Proud Producers of Authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Welcome to MF Products UK, a specialty coffee supplier in Kent that sells exquisite Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee in the UK and worldwide. We go directly to the source when it comes to acquiring our coffee beans, working closely with a farming family in the Blue Mountains who have grown the finest coffee beans for 60 years. Cultivated at 5,000ft and augmented by a moist and fertile soil, the final product possesses a level of density, smoothness and rich taste that most people have never experienced before. Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee has a globally protected certification mark, meaning that it must be authenticated by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica ahead of distribution.

MF Products UK is based in Bromley, London, and distributes to the UK and around the world, so if you are looking for an experienced specialty coffee supplier in Kent, check out our online store.


Specialty Coffee Suppliers In Kent Authentic Blue Mountain Coffee



 Specialty Coffee Suppliers In Kent Our Background


Our Background

Our connection with Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee started over a decade ago during a trip to the Blue Mountains, where we met Stewart, our farmer. After learning about Stewart growing process and the incredible coffee-growing heritage of his family, we decided to form a partnership and export his product all around the globe.

We take great care to have a hands-on, boots-on-the-ground approach to every aspect of the process, from visiting the farm in Jamaica to personally supervising the roasting process in here in the UK. This approach ensures that standards is maintained at each step. Our business continues to grow into one of the best specialty coffee suppliers in Kent.

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Maintaining Quality

All green coffee beans produced must be monitored and assessed by JACRA Formerly known as the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica – a governmental body that defines quality standards and provides a certificate of authentication to imported coffee. As a product with a globally protected certification mark, Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee can only be legally recognised as such after passing these tests. The coffee is then exported after verification from the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA).

The process of assessing batches of green coffee beans is determined by metrics such as water content, quality and size of the bean, along with the taste and aroma of the coffee itself. Other variables such as the growing process and the altitude at which coffee beans are cultivated are also taken into account. Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee has been monitored by controls since 1950, such is the importance of maintaining an immaculate standard of coffee bean.

 Specialty Coffee Suppliers In Kent Maintaining Quality




 Specialty Coffee Suppliers in Kent Taste


How Does Blue Mountain Coffee Taste?

Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee is in high demand for a reason. Not only is the product extremely rare; the beans produce a truly delicious, enlivening drinking experience. Our luxury coffee is very well-balanced in its flavour – not too overpowering – and has the rare gift of having both an excellent body and medium acidity. This means that the coffee is smooth, clean, surprisingly sweet, with a nutty, almost caramel-like finish. There is nothing quite like it.

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Wholesale Information

Along with serving as a specialty coffee supplier in Kent, MF Products UK also provides a bespoke wholesale service based on the requirements of other coffee companies. We have the capacity for storing a large amount of green, pre-roasted coffee beans, so if you are a roasting company in need of a particular unit of beans, please get in contact with us for further information.





Why Choose MF Products UK?

Support Local Farmers

Coffee production starts with the farmers, who work hard all year round to maintain their trees and produce high-quality beans. Too often, however, they are undercut by larger corporations, or even forgotten about entirely in favour of larger commercial farms. At MF Products UK, we cut out the middle-man, going directly to a traditional, established farm in the Blue Mountains to source our coffee beans from Stewart and his family, ensuring that they retain a fundamental stake in the business.

Unique Product

If you are a luxury coffee connoisseur who is yet to sample Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee, visiting our online store is an absolute must. Unlike the Sidamo province in Ethiopia or Antioquia in Colombia, the Blue Mountains are a relatively small land mass with a unique climate – one that, at 5,000ft, possesses an ideal blend of rainfall, cool weather and oxygen levels. These conditions combine to create a cherry bean that is unlike any other found in the world.

Astonishing Flavour

Whether you only drink the occasional cup of instant coffee or have a specialised knowledge of imported coffees from around the world, you will be left feeling overwhelmed with pleasure by the sheer smooth quality of Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee. The taste is rich without being too powerful, with a slightly thick texture and overtones of sweetness and herbs, as if the coffee was infused with the natural environment from which it originally sprung.


Specialty Coffee Suppliers in Kent Why Choose us?






MF Products UK is a specialty coffee supplier in Kent based in Bromley that offers an exceptional brand of imported coffee, so if you want to try Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, check out our online store.

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